A woman adds a few drops of VedAroma Rosemary, highland essential oil to her footbath.

Foot and Hand Bath

Footbaths are a wonderful way to pamper yourself—perfect when you do not have time for a full bath. Remember: when your feet feel good, you feel good all over—the feet are a very important area in aromatherapy, because their reflex points affect every area of the body, and because the skin on the feet absorbs essential oils rapidly.

Hand baths are a soothing way to enhance circulation and joint health. Use 3–5 drops in a bowl of water. Adjust the temperature of the water to suit your needs; cool water invigorates and energizes, warm water sedates and relaxes.

Rosemary is one of many oils that can be used for a foot or hand bath. Refer to Power of Essential Oils booklet.